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Let's make Tampere Region a European Capital of Culture together!

PuntalaRock in Lempäälä

On this webpage you will find the team of Tampere26 bid. You find here also the contact information of our core team members.

You can also reach us by sending e-mail to our general address


Perttu Pesä

  • Project Manager

Pauli Sivonen

  • Member of the Artistic Board
    • Pauli Sivonen.

Marika Vapaavuori

  • Member of the Artistic Board
    • Marika Vapaavuori

Heikki Aleksanteri Kovalainen

  • Writer
    • Heikki Aleksanteri Kovalainen


Reidar Palmgren

  • Writer

Berk Vaher

  • Writer
    • Berk Vaher
      Photo: Andres Tennus


Claire Delhom

  • International Relations

Päivi Harri

  • Project Manager

Satu Keltanen

  • Producer

Ilona Kyykoski

  • Producer

Kirsi Mustalahti

  • Project Coordinator

Marie-Anna Paier

  • Administrative Intern

Maria Peräinen

  • Regional Coordinator

Sipriina Ritaranta

  • Producer (Mänttä-Vilppula)

Seppo Roth

  • Communications Coordinator

Find out about our journey towards the Capital of Culture!

Canoeing at lake Näsijärvi / Photo by: Laura Vanzo