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Finnish Sauna day at Rajaportti sauna. Photo: Visit Tampere / Laura Vanzo

Equally European! Tampere and the Tampere Region’s final bid book to become the European Capital of Culture 2026 is now published!

The concept of our application is called Equally European. Equally European is our ambitious attempt to reach out to Europe, using equality and culture to bind us together as Europeans.

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Tampere26 wants to be “Equally European” – Equality as the main theme in Tampere Region’s application…

Sauna in a car

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Trenčín Castle (Trenčiansky hrad). Photo by Trenčín 2026 / Karell

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The most attractive city in Finland? Of course it’s Tampere!


Tampere and the Tampere Region are applying together to become the next European Capital of Culture 2026. Our aim is to create a European case study on how to increase equality through culture.

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Trail of Light. Photo: Visit Tampere / Laura Vanzo


The most important tools of the Capital of Culture are culture and the arts. In our Cultural Programme, we pay special attention to how we translate equality into cultural projects.

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Photo: Olli-Pekka Latvala

Our new leaflet “Towards the European Capital of Culture” has been published!

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Tampere and the Tampere Region are together applying to become the European Capital of Culture in 2026 and we want YOU to join!

Culture means connections between people. In our daily lives, we can all be part of the Capital of Culture project – because the community is us. It is time to share our culture, art, industrial history, and natural and environmental values.

Change is up to all of us

Tips for visiting Tampere and the Tampere Region

Restaurant recommendations, activities, events … You can find these and many other tips for the Tampere Region on the Visit Tampere website.


Buildings along the Tammerkoski rapids. Photo: Laura Vanzo / Visit Tampere

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